Further Information

      In Silico Biosciences has been building mechanistic mathematical models of physiological systems of CNS diseases such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases since 1999. The integration of current knowledge from many sources is applied so as to better understand the systemic behavior of the disease physiology in the human vs. the animal brain. A multiplicity of validation methodologies are utilized for the models.

      Computational neuropharmacology as knowledge support for CNS R&D projects:

      One of the key insights from computational systems biology is that it is likely to require modulation of more than one target to move a complex disease system towards health. Therefore, we also focus on discovery and early development of multi-target CNS compounds. Based on insights gained through the company's models of physiological systems, it is possible to determine the minimum combination of targets that most powerfully affects many CNS indications of high unmet medical need. Our modeling platform is optimally suited to drive such multi-targeted CNS drug R&D projects at all stages.